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The play area

Our play area was by a soft play specialist company. It is smaller than the other play centres in the area, catering for more of a niche market (younger children from approximately 2 to 8 years). It has designed so that if you do not wish to go in the play area you can see in from all angles and there is no risk of losing your child, this was created  to offer peace of mind to parents and children who can still see their parents or carers too.

In addition to the main play area we also have a baby area for pre-walkers.  This area is smaller, compact and completely separate to the main play area.  This area will allow babies and toddlers to play without the bigger children trampling through their play space.  It provides stimulation and is brightly coloured to entertain the users and is easily accessible. If any older children  come in the area please speak to a member of staff  who will deal with the situation. 

We have also totally revamped the sensory room which can be located in the baby area and access limited to ensure it can be the type of experience you want, please ask a member of staff for access and advise them when you are finished so it can be cleaned between users. We request that this room is left in a manner you would wish to find it to help speed up the cleaning process to ensure this facility is available to all who want to use it. 

Another new addition is our supervised role play area which is full of construction equipment and a cafe and restaurant, more themes may be added depending on popularity and space so feel free to make those requests!!! We request that you supervise your children in this area due to the small parts of some of the equipment which could become a choking hazard if not supervised by a parent or carer. 

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