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Potter & Play

Potter and Play is now available  at PK's Kids Zone so you can come along and use the soft play, paint some pottery or do a keepsake with prices between £8 and £25 with no additional studio fee or you could do both on your visit!

We are now offering Pottery parties and group bookings so feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Pottery parties start from £16 a head and are recommended for children over the age of 5yrs, for this price the children get to paint one of our 'party animals range each and there is the choice of hot or cold food buffet with unlimited  juice for all guests. 

If you  wish to add soft play or party bags to the party these options are available so you can tailor the party to accommodate all of your guests requirements!

All group bookings and parties will have their items available  to collect at the same time within a 7 to 10 day turnaround so no need for disappointment!

The pottery is available for all ages, we have a wide range and have had all ages coming along so what are you waiting for?

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Potter and play